Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where I've Been....

I am a mom of two beautiful girls, wife to a great husband and we have a cat named Nacho. I stay at home full time raising out family and on the side I am an Etsy shop owner of Lamblegs ( This shop has proven to be my outlet for creativity as well as a healthy sidekick to what is going on in our real life. We are all walking through something, right?

My oldest daughter Marissa is almost 4 years old. Almost two years ago, she was my inspiration for the first thing I created for my Etsy store...a pair of lamblegs to go with her Easter outfit. I couldn't find anything like these in the boutiques and figured...I can teach myself how to make these. Why not? Since then the ideas never stopped and I now have a portfolio of childrens' clothing.

Marissa is a special girl with a special call on her life. Due to we don't know what...Marissa's brain has developed in such a way that effects her speech and mobility. There are some delays and let me say it is challenging to carry a 28 lb child up and down stairs, to her preschool classroom, and holding her while we sing songs in church because she is not walking. Let me be the first to proclaim, "My daughter will walk!" We are seeing progress overall each month and we have Marissa involved in a wonderful therapy program and a special preschool. She will just have to work that much harder to do the normal things that come so naturally to other children. Normally, all Marissa wants to do is lean over to give us a kiss or hug. She is extremely loving and sweet.

Back on March 30th, we welcomed our second, healthy daughter, Jenna. She already loves her older sister Marissa and loves to watch her play. Marissa always wants to kiss her head lol. I believe they will learn to walk and do other things together at the same time. Now I have another little one to inspire my creations.

I truely think sewing and creating has been theraputic during all the therapies and treatments my daughter has to receive. I want to share my journey, my thoughts, and my projects with all of you. Especially my fellow shop owners in Etsy...So when you see me come in the chat room you'll know me beyond just a cute shop'll know where I've been.

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