Friday, July 24, 2009

New Things To Come...

For those that have been into my Etsy shop you know that I mainly specialize in childrens' wear and accessories. For the past several months I've been exploring the option of expanding towards ladies' apparel and accessory items. I'm not sure how well they with mesh with the childrens' items but my creativity is saying, "I must create these other things and throw them in my shop". Like I said in my first blog..ever sense the first pair of Lamblegs I created...the ideas just don't stop. LOL I have decided to merge these creations together and that it is not in my best interest to open a second Etsy shop due to lack of time.

So I just added two other sections in my Lamblegs shop but nothing in them just yet. In this blog I'll talk about the first new one, Wedding/Formal Accessories. I have recently to become interested in the creation of wedding veils. After researching for some time and looking at countless photos of the various styles of veils I have decided to try my hand at it. I have hand beaded experience which plays in my favor for adding that delicate touch. So as I was just trying to decide which style I would try first, I see an alchemy bid for a wedding veil with a photo attach and sewn/beaded floral detail is just amazing. I'm not sure if I will have a chance to make it for the bidder. I will be making a version of it that will eventually go into my shop is all goes well. So far I have the scalloped edges cut out of a white, nice quality soft tulle and I started beading. For the edging I'm using small silver glass tubular beads. It's going alot slower than I originally thought. I have to be careful not to rip the tulle and sewing something onto tulle is actually time consuming but at least this new project of mine has started. I will post photos of my progress pretty soon.

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