Friday, August 21, 2009

Burp Cloth Bouquet

The photo to the right is a Burp Cloth's my latest creation to appear inside my Lamblegs shop. I created this as a wonderful last minute gift idea for a baby shower or when showing up to meet the baby for the first time the customer can have a unique gift in hand.

As pictured it consists of 3 Burp Cloths with soft rag edging that gets even softer with each wash. One side is a fun cotton flannel print and the other side is a 100 % cotton fabric all prewashed. I fussed with it quite a bit on it's final appearance and decided on how it is pictured... carefully wrapped with a ribbon bow for a finishing touch. Just $13 plus shipping...and it's guaranteed to get used by the new mom because all moms with babies need burp cloths.

My new projects have gotten interrupted!

So I haven't been posting my progress for a little while and that's because one of my new projects for my shop has gotten a temporary nix from my list. I have been working on and off on a wedding veil with scalloped edging and tedious hand beading along the trim. I am more than halfway done with the beading but with my two little girls, other projects and customer orders it has fallen to the wayside. I removed the wedding accessories section from my shop for right now. Plus, I'm not sure it was turning out the way I wanted it to...hand beading tulle is not an easy task. If I finish it I might sell it at a discount (beginners) price to a bride out there as long as she knows it won't be perfection at a very close up look. ;) If anyone knows a bride out there that would be interested let me know.Sections

Moving on...I just finished one of my other new items that will go under the Dress 2 Impress section of my shop. I have fallen in love with shrugs and boleros! I just finished a pintucked ruffled shrug that ties in the back in a feminine eyelet white cotton. I will post photos of it soon just as soon as I figure out how to photograph myself. I'm so used to having my girls model my creations but this one isn't for the kiddies.