Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Special Creaton for a Special Baby Boy

I received an order today for a 2 piece fleece outfit for a 6 month baby boy. He is special and has been through a horrific ordeal over the past couple of months. I am honored to create something for him that's made out of love. It brings me joy to know that his smiling face will my creation made just for him. I will post a photo of the outfit when it's complete.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beret "Baker's style" hat

This is my latest creation that I just added to my Lamblegs store. It's a beret hat for a baby or toddler girl. What I love about it is it has a baker's style to it because of it's puffiness. I can recreate this hat with any color fabric.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Costumes Completed!

For the past couple of weeks I've been busy working on Halloween costumes for toddlers. I've posted a few photos of my completed work. I think my favorite to make was the Bam Bam costume. The fur strap was a nice touch suggested by the customer. I also had fun making the Supergirl costume come to life. I made sure to get the emblem just right. I've got just a couple of more costumes to complete and then I'm off to finish the costumes for my own girls and then ready for a nice break to work on little projects and such.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My first Lady's apparel order

I am so excited to recreate a Louis Vuitton runway original for one of my customers in Austrailia! I've posted a photo on the side. I think the skirt is adorable and the overly stated silk bow is ultra chic! I still have some Halloween costume orders to complete so it will be a couple of weeks before I can begin but will post the final photos of my creation. Depending on how smoothly it goes I might post the skirt in my shop for other customers to select.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween Costumes!

It's that time of year and I LOVE fall! I am about to begin work on two costumes for Halloween. The first one if for my youngest daughter who is about 6 months now. She will be Boots the monkey from Dora the Explorer. For those of you who don't know who he is...he is gray with a yellow tipped tail and yellow tummy and wears red boots--Hence his name. My oldest daughter is going to be Dora. It thought it would be cute to have them be side kicks in a theme this year.

For a custom order through Etsy I will be recreating a Supergirl outfit for a baby so she can match her older sister. I will post photos of the finished costumes so everyone can see how they turn out.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Two of my recent creations from alchemy orders on Etsy...

I recently finished a custom order for a pillowcase style dress with matching bloomers for a special little girl who will be turning one. I liked it so much that I posted it to my shop and am giving my clients the option of choosing their own color scheme and instead of a handmade ladybug applique they can choose something else for me to create for the center of the dress. I made sure to post a photo of this one.

My other recent creation was also a custom request for an Isa the Iguana pilllow doll for a little girl to love on. I did her up... as she's wearing a custom made strapless "Dora the Explorer" dress so the little girl can play "dress up" with her.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Burp Cloth Bouquet

The photo to the right is a Burp Cloth Bouquet...it's my latest creation to appear inside my Lamblegs shop. I created this as a wonderful last minute gift idea for a baby shower or when showing up to meet the baby for the first time the customer can have a unique gift in hand.

As pictured it consists of 3 Burp Cloths with soft rag edging that gets even softer with each wash. One side is a fun cotton flannel print and the other side is a 100 % cotton fabric all prewashed. I fussed with it quite a bit on it's final appearance and decided on how it is pictured... carefully wrapped with a ribbon bow for a finishing touch. Just $13 plus shipping...and it's guaranteed to get used by the new mom because all moms with babies need burp cloths.

My new projects have gotten interrupted!

So I haven't been posting my progress for a little while and that's because one of my new projects for my shop has gotten a temporary nix from my list. I have been working on and off on a wedding veil with scalloped edging and tedious hand beading along the trim. I am more than halfway done with the beading but with my two little girls, other projects and customer orders it has fallen to the wayside. I removed the wedding accessories section from my shop for right now. Plus, I'm not sure it was turning out the way I wanted it to...hand beading tulle is not an easy task. If I finish it I might sell it at a discount (beginners) price to a bride out there as long as she knows it won't be perfection at a very close up look. ;) If anyone knows a bride out there that would be interested let me know.Sections

Moving on...I just finished one of my other new items that will go under the Dress 2 Impress section of my shop. I have fallen in love with shrugs and boleros! I just finished a pintucked ruffled shrug that ties in the back in a feminine eyelet white cotton. I will post photos of it soon just as soon as I figure out how to photograph myself. I'm so used to having my girls model my creations but this one isn't for the kiddies.

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Things To Come...

For those that have been into my Etsy shop you know that I mainly specialize in childrens' wear and accessories. For the past several months I've been exploring the option of expanding towards ladies' apparel and accessory items. I'm not sure how well they with mesh with the childrens' items but my creativity is saying, "I must create these other things and throw them in my shop". Like I said in my first blog..ever sense the first pair of Lamblegs I created...the ideas just don't stop. LOL I have decided to merge these creations together and that it is not in my best interest to open a second Etsy shop due to lack of time.

So I just added two other sections in my Lamblegs shop but nothing in them just yet. In this blog I'll talk about the first new one, Wedding/Formal Accessories. I have recently to become interested in the creation of wedding veils. After researching for some time and looking at countless photos of the various styles of veils I have decided to try my hand at it. I have hand beaded experience which plays in my favor for adding that delicate touch. So as I was just trying to decide which style I would try first, I see an alchemy bid for a wedding veil with a photo attach and sewn/beaded floral detail is just amazing. I'm not sure if I will have a chance to make it for the bidder. I will be making a version of it that will eventually go into my shop is all goes well. So far I have the scalloped edges cut out of a white, nice quality soft tulle and I started beading. For the edging I'm using small silver glass tubular beads. It's going alot slower than I originally thought. I have to be careful not to rip the tulle and sewing something onto tulle is actually time consuming but at least this new project of mine has started. I will post photos of my progress pretty soon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where I've Been....

I am a mom of two beautiful girls, wife to a great husband and we have a cat named Nacho. I stay at home full time raising out family and on the side I am an Etsy shop owner of Lamblegs (www.lamblegs.etsy.com). This shop has proven to be my outlet for creativity as well as a healthy sidekick to what is going on in our real life. We are all walking through something, right?

My oldest daughter Marissa is almost 4 years old. Almost two years ago, she was my inspiration for the first thing I created for my Etsy store...a pair of lamblegs to go with her Easter outfit. I couldn't find anything like these in the boutiques and figured...I can teach myself how to make these. Why not? Since then the ideas never stopped and I now have a portfolio of childrens' clothing.

Marissa is a special girl with a special call on her life. Due to we don't know what...Marissa's brain has developed in such a way that effects her speech and mobility. There are some delays and let me say it is challenging to carry a 28 lb child up and down stairs, to her preschool classroom, and holding her while we sing songs in church because she is not walking. Let me be the first to proclaim, "My daughter will walk!" We are seeing progress overall each month and we have Marissa involved in a wonderful therapy program and a special preschool. She will just have to work that much harder to do the normal things that come so naturally to other children. Normally, all Marissa wants to do is lean over to give us a kiss or hug. She is extremely loving and sweet.

Back on March 30th, we welcomed our second, healthy daughter, Jenna. She already loves her older sister Marissa and loves to watch her play. Marissa always wants to kiss her head lol. I believe they will learn to walk and do other things together at the same time. Now I have another little one to inspire my creations.

I truely think sewing and creating has been theraputic during all the therapies and treatments my daughter has to receive. I want to share my journey, my thoughts, and my projects with all of you. Especially my fellow shop owners in Etsy...So when you see me come in the chat room you'll know me beyond just a cute shop name...you'll know where I've been.