Friday, August 21, 2009

Burp Cloth Bouquet

The photo to the right is a Burp Cloth's my latest creation to appear inside my Lamblegs shop. I created this as a wonderful last minute gift idea for a baby shower or when showing up to meet the baby for the first time the customer can have a unique gift in hand.

As pictured it consists of 3 Burp Cloths with soft rag edging that gets even softer with each wash. One side is a fun cotton flannel print and the other side is a 100 % cotton fabric all prewashed. I fussed with it quite a bit on it's final appearance and decided on how it is pictured... carefully wrapped with a ribbon bow for a finishing touch. Just $13 plus shipping...and it's guaranteed to get used by the new mom because all moms with babies need burp cloths.

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